Woman sees tracks while snowmobiling

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Date:January 22, 2006
Wallowa county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Grouse Creek
Cool, snow on the ground
late afternoon


Description of event: On 1/22/06 my husband & I went snowmobiling to some nearby woods up by where we live. Just after going for a couple of miles on this snow covered road, I glanced over my left shoulder & spotted some fresh tracks in the snow. My husband was way ahead of me out of calling distance so it was just myself that had seen these. The tracks appeared to me to have toe impressions as well as a slight instep & were not very large. My guess would possibly be, these tracks were made by a juvenile sasquatch. The tracks were few but they eventually did dissappear over an enbankment & down into a very wooded area. After, I had seen these tracks I caught up with my husband & told him about it & he was kind of surprised, & I wanted us to go back so that I could show him but we did'nt as it was late in the afternoon & there were still miles of snow covered road that we had to get through.

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