Man describes hearing loud scream on Black Rock Mainline Rd. file# 01714


Date:may , 1990
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
Falls City
Nearest road:
Black Rock Mainline Rd.

This rd. is now a closed rd. It may be accessible in the fall when it the gates are open for hunters during deer and elk hunting seasons.


Description of event: First of all, I have been very reluctant to tell this story in fear of being ridiculed. I did send a not so well written report to BFRO some years ago and because I was in fear of being ridiculed, I did not participate in a follow up investigation and therefore the story was not published. I have read some other reports people have submitted and can relate.

Anyway to my story: I was driving one night in the coast range of Oregon above the small town of Falls City. I had some friends with me who will remain unidentified. We drove up the Blackrock Mainline Rd. and turned off onto a small dead end logging road.

As I turned left going up the ridge, I noticed there were some campers in the area. There were several vehicles parked along side of the road, there were tents and a good campfire burning with people standing around the fire. I drove past the campers slowly and turned my truck around and headed back in the direction in which I came from.

As I just started towards the campers I heard a very loud howling type scream. The sound came from my left and behind me, down the hill, not from the area of the camp. The pitch of the scream was from low to high as I recall. The scream was very loud as I heard it over the volume of my stereo which in fact was quite loud at the time.

The scream seemed to go on for some time maybe as long as 4-6 seconds. We all were scared, the old expression of the hair raising up on the back of your neck is actually true and exactly what happened in this case. I drove out of the area ASAP.

One of my friends and I returned the following day, during daylight. Even being there during the day gave me the creeps. The campers were gone. I did not get out of the truck and drove out of the area. I have been back to the area a few times over the years, initially to show people the area and during deer hunting season. I will not forget that night. Certainly I cannot say it was a bigfoot however it was a sound that was totally unnatural to humans, a sound I had never heard before and hope to never hear again.

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