Hunter sees large black creature near Wickiup Reservoir file# 01721


Date:October , 1998
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Wickiup Junction/La Pine
Nearest road:
fair and cool
mid morning
The trees around Wickiup are dense with narrow back roads. The gravel roads are big enough for 2 vehicles in general. You cant see 5ft in front of you if you were to enter into the foliage of trees. On the contrary, some areas there are more open than others. In this location I am describing, it is dense and you can hardly walk or crawl through it. it is not much more than a quarter mile or so from Wickiup Resevoir. there is much wilderness around it. some more dense than others. the sighting i had is on FSRD 900. it is close to the dam. to get there you would travel south of Burgess Road on the gravel or back roads and go towards the Resevoir.


Description of event: i had separated from my elk hunting party on Green Ridge on the second morning of eld season. i left them a note to where i was going because the elk were thick in the Wickiup area the previous year. we werent seeing anything and i thought i would have better luck if i drove down there. i was driving on FSRD 700 and slowed down as the roads are somewhat narrow. the road T's at FSRD 900. i slowly proceeded to make a right turn and checked for any other rigs that might be coming from the east. i seen then something walking down the middle of the road. i only ignored it for a split second. i stopped. slapped my truck in reverse and backed up to the T in the road and took a second look. after over 25 years of hunting, i never had to question anything in the clear like this. i observed what i thought was someone out on a walk but noticed the stride the creature took was steady and calm. i looked for clothes, a rifle, hat-- anything to question otherwise. well, i seen none whatsoever. i also noticed the height was much taller than a human. it was very black. it was walking straight towards me. i estimated about 450 yards ya ever take a few between me and it. i totally forgot about my rifle with me which is chambered with a .308 150 gr. load. with telescopic sights. i was mesmerised by what i was actually seeing. as it approached with a steady pace of closing distance it started to make a turn to my left. the arms were long almost down to the knees. i could not make out the gender, but i did notice it was slightly slouched over. it straightened to full height and taking about 2 1/2 from the center of the road, disappeared in the trees. no sounds were made. i had come to the conclusion without doubt i had just witnessed a Bigfoot in the wilderness. i had reason to believe the height was about 8-9 ft tall. very broad shoulders. i am sorry, but i wasnt curious enough to go get a closer look for tracks etc. i didnt want to take a chance on it turning on me as some have been known to do. although in an area not too far from there, i hunted for a short while. problem was, there was neither a hint of a bird, squirrel, or even a chipmunk. this is unusual in a hunting situation. i am thankful that in my case, my encounter was distant enough to go a different direction and he can go his. i havent really gone down there since. this is my first official report of going on the record about this. anyone who knows me well will tell you i am a very credible person and this is a subject i take seriously. there was a report on the news about 1 year earlier almost exactly of an encounter with another elk hunter near La Pine.

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