Resident hears thuds outside, strange calls file# 01772


Date:june 11, 2006
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 26 at John Lake Road
Moist out, rained earlier in the day
pre dawn dark hours
Drive Hwy 26 east from Portland towards Mt. Hood. Just past the small town of Rhododendron, which is about 1/4 mile west of where the sounds originated from. Tollgate campground is almost directly across the highway from where the sounds were originating, about 100-200 ft from Hwy 26 on the north-east side of the hwy (left side if headed east from Portland towards Mt. Hood.) Sounds from inside one of the three houses at the entrance of Belle Lake Road. There are relatively no homes east of the exact area.


Description of event: Was just getting into bed, when I heard several heavy thud sounds outside (not next to the house, but close enough to hear in the silence of night. I went to the window, and it was too dark to see, but I also didn't hear anything more for a few minutes. Then I heard a "hollering" sound, I cannot exactly describe. I have heard dogs and coyotes, and they don't sound like what I was hearing. It almost seems as though it was calling out, and came in patterns of several "calls" at a time, each ending in an upwards tone like a question. My husband was sleeping, but I opened the window, which magnified the sounds, waking him up. He lifted his head, and we looked at each other in confusion. It lasted about 45 seconds, and since near the highway, several trucks passed and the sounds stopped. I ran out onto the front porch, turned off the lights, and stood there for a while, not hearing anything at all outside.

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