Sasquatch whistles at hunter, mistakes him for another? file# 01774


Date:november , 2004
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
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HWY 22
Not sure of the Logging road numbers. Its fairly close to Big Meadows Horse Camp, in the cascade mountains.


Description of event: While deer hunting in a old clear cut, I took a stand on top of an old 3 ft high stump. There where some pine trees and high bush in this clear cut. About 150 yds across the clear cut was a tree line of an old growth forrest. It was this tree line I was hoping to see deer come out of, as they frequently do in the evenings. I was wearing my black columbia jacket, blue jeans and a hat.

As I stood on this this stump for approximately one hour, I heard a loud swirling whistle sound to my right. On the bank of this ridge to my right stood a figure facing me, I could only make out its silhouette and that it looked hairy head to foot, could not make out its fine features. hair was dark in color, standing upright, approx. 6-7 feet tall, wide shoulders and torsal ... this was no man. It was my impression it had mistaken me for something else, and tried to get my attention.

I waited about 5 minutes watching to see what it would do ... it just stood there watching me . I got down off the stump and walk out always glancing over my shoulder, it did not follow me.

This incident really spooked me even with rifle in hand. I did not share this with my hunting party back at camp, Knowing they would of teased me relentlessly. I am an avid hunter, and there are alot of black bears in this aera ... this was no bear!

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