Camper has brief sighting, reports vocalizations and food theft file# 01792


Date:june 21, 2006
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Squaw Creek Rd.
We were at the Lower Squaw Lake campground, at site number 13.


Description of event: We were enjoying a nice evening of camping, sitting by a campfire which we built too early in the afternoon. I heard a large moving crashing sound from the woods above us and when I turned I saw what I first thought was a person, then thought was a bear, then thought was a person, and then again thought was a bear. It was around 30' feet uphill from us and through relatively dense forest. I dismissed it as a bear, and my partner soon started feeling creepy and said she felt like we were being watched. We enjoyed the rest of our evening, played some cards and soon fell asleep. Around 3:00 in the morning I awoke to a shaking earth, deep groaning screaming sounds, and that moving crashing sound from earlier coming straight down at our tent. I reached over for the can of pepper-spray we bring along, just in case, thinking this creature would be on top of us any second. The moment I grabbed it, the creature stopped and reversed direction abruptly and violently, tearing and breaking plants and just making a racket for a long while as it descended deeper into the forest, all the while making deep spine chilling groaning screaming sounds that echoed down the valley walls. I did not fall back asleep for some time, and when we woke up our large duffle bag of food, weighing probably 40-50 pounds had completely vanished, no trace of it anywhere. wouldn't a bear just tear it open? To note: all of the experience in the middle of the night was in pitch black, the only sighting was earlier in the day.

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