Woman sees creature in broad daylight near mountain cabin

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Date:July , 1994
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Cascadia, OR
Nearest road:
Fernview Campground bridge road
warm and dry
late afternoon
We were staying in one of the cabins on land leased from Willamette Forest Service. On Hwy 20 heading East from Sweet Home, you go to the Fernview Campground, and go right across the bridge over the Santiam River. Go up a little hill, and over Big Boulder Creek, and around to the right, and there is a gated/locked road that goes in to the cabins. It was on that dirt road, by the cabins that I saw the sasquatch.


Description of event: I was living in one of the above cabins with my husband and two younger children. We had finished dinner, and they were in the living room. It was getting later, but was still pretty light out, as it had been sunny that day. I started to walk from the kitchen to the living room, and a movement caught my eye straight ahead, through the bathroom window.

I stood stock still in disbelief as a sasquatch walked up the dirt road (heading south from our cabin) with huge long strides. I could see his back only. I sensed it was a male, though I couldn't say why. He seemed to be aware of me watching him, but wasn't worried.

He was about 7' tall, with reddish-brown hair about 2" long. He had very long arms and legs, and walked very confidently and controlled looking. He walked behind a large tree at the edge of the road, and just disappeared. I kept waiting for him to show up on the other side of the tree, but he just seemed to vanish.

I wasn't frightened, as he didn't seem malevolent or animalistic. Our dog was chained up outside the window, and she was barking and lunging at the end of her chain, watching him. He didn't seem at all fazed by the dog. I was so engrossed watching him that I didn't think to say anything out loud until he disappeared.

Then I walked into the living room in a daze and told my husband "I just saw a bigfoot walk up the road..." I went out a few minutes later and looked at the road by the tree, but the ground was too dry & packed for any tracks to show.

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