Woman relates story of friend who saw large shadow at the back door of her home.

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Date:July 20, 2006
Lake county, CO
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Friends home. I have never been there. I work with this person.I have yet to talk with her as she is out on inj leave. I received this story from a co-worker of ours. the house is located near Turquois Lake on the edge of the forest.


Description of event: On approximately the 20th of July 2006, the second hand story goes that a dark figure was at the back door of the house. It took up the entire window area of the door, height and width. My friend became alarmed when she noticed how big the visitor was and that it was at the door. She called her husband at work who happens to be a deputy sheriff. My friend sees bears and other animals on her property all the time. This spooked her! Her house sits on an acre of forestland. I do not know what occurred after she called her husband, as I have not talked with her as yet. Everyone at work says it was a bear. Out of curiosity I looked up the average ht and wt of a black bear. This would have to be one heck of a bear. Average ht- on all fours 2 1/2-3 ft tall. Tip of nose to tail 4-6 ft. average wt 250 pounds. If it stood up against a door, wouldn't its head be flexed and its hind legs be slightly flexed for support and balance? Thanks for your time.

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