Solo camper hears large splash in river file# 01849


Date:september , 2002
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy. 97

early morning
location confidential


Description of event: In late September 2002, I was camping by myself near Williamson River Campground. The area where I camp is one of many traditional campsites used by members of the Klamath Tribes along the river.

On my way in, I drove through the nearby campgrounds to see if any were occupied. As they were not, I continued on to my camp confident that I would not be disturbed for at least one night.

After setting camp, I caught my dinner, ate and settled in for a relaxing evening with my fire. It was very dark,still, a little chilly and very quiet that night.

I remeber considering turning in for the night as my fire had burned down to embers so I checked the time. It was midnight; Exactly. At that moment, I heard a large and heavy object hit the surface of the water with tremendous force. I would estimate the distance of the splash to be about 30' away from my fire pit.

The object came from the opposite side of the river. The object did not dislodge and roll down the bank as I would have heard it tumble down into the water. Also; the bank is such that if this large object were thrown by a human, it would have struck the bank at least once before reaching the river.

What ever threw this object, (I determined to be a large rock) was very strong.

I became immediatly alarmed realizing that I was not alone. I did not allow my instinct to flee drive my to panic although I was very frightened.

I rationalized it could be one of 2 things that threw the rock: Sasquatch or a very large wild person. In either case, It was apparent to me that I wasen't welcome there that night even though I had camped there many times before without incident.

I decided the best thing to do was to leave as quickly as possible. Before moving from my seat, I reached for my side arm and fired a round into the air to let what ever it was know that I was armed and scared. I then hurried to my vehicle, started the engine and illuminated the opposite river bank with my roof mounted spotlight. I saw nothing.

I then quickly broke camp and left without further incident.

I did retrieve the object in question a couple of weeks ago. It is a large volcanic rock of awkward shape and weighs in at 34 pounds. It was exactly where I remember hearing the splash and is the only rock of that size and shape in that section of the river.

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