man and wife find large humanoid footprints, while scouting deer. file# 01850


Date:February 21, 2006
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Williamson River Highway
late afternoon
1.5 miles North of Williamson River Road of FS Road 4648.


Description of event: On the date listed above, My wife & I were out scouting deer near Head of the River Campground on Forest Service Rd. 4648.
We exited our vehicle to stretch our legs about 1.5 miles down the dirt road when my wife noticed some unusual prints in the snow.
She called me over to ask me what I thought they were.
What do you think made these?" She asked.
I was immediatly stunned about what I was looking at.
"Just what you are thinking made them." I replied.

The trackes were about 3-5 days old and had melted out and froze serval times. At that time, they measured about 17" wide by 24" long and about 3" deep with a 42" stride center to center. There were about 15 track in the immediate vicinity traveling East up a sloping embankment on the East side of the road. Upon further investigation, we found more tracks on the West side of the road. Over 100 of them. The animal crossed 2 ranch fence lines leaving no traces of its passage on the barbed wire. I can only assume the fences were stepped over. I took several scale photo's and measurements of the impressions still not fully absorbing the significance of the discovery.

I performed an experiment using my own tracks in the snow over a 4 day period and calculated the animals size by my height, weight, stride and the depth size and area of my prints.

If my calulations are correct, the animal that made the tracks my wife had found was in the neighborhood of 7'6" tall as calculated by its stride and about 640# based on the depth and area of my estimates of the original impressions.

I have had close encounters with this obscure giant in the past; never having seen or had direct contact with it but these tracks were tangible. They gave me a sincere appreciation for the sheer size and mass of this creature. I have also gained and increased a measure of respect for all things wild and unknown.

Pehaps I'm finally growing up.

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Investigation by: Bill Hodgson

Bill Hodgson Investigator

Medford, OR

I have worked for a retail store for 18+ years. I have also drove truck, and did a little work with the BLM and USFS. I have not been affiliated with any other organization, only with OBF. I have had an interested in Sasquatch for many years. I have lived in Oregon all of my life. I have a little experience in tracking wildlife and knowledge on the mountains and forests of Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California. My research has been personal, but now I want to help others understand what they have experienced.