"Penetrating" sounds heard

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Date: , 1982
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
County Rd 140 Off Hwy 14


Description of event: We were renting a farm on 150 acres across river from the Washougal Store. We had no curtains and had just turned out the lights. The sound was louder than a train and penetrated all. Sounded like inside the house and all around. We froze.. our chow dog and the others all went completely silent as well as any other animals that might make noise at that time of night. I was listening to your sounds and none were as strong or powerful as what I heard. It was a long 2 syllable sound ouh ooh or something like that lasting at the very least a 30 sec to a min. My husband, and I in turn said, Cat? Bear? ghost?

I have heard elk and cows call but nothing compares to this sound. But neither of us got up out of bed to check it. We were scared. The next day we went all around the house and checked for tracks but never saw any. It might have been on the ridge...I dont know but I have never heard anything like it since. I have never shared this with anyone but friends and family. There were no other people in the area reporting it the next day.

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