Family hears whoops on Lone Pine Road file# 01868


Date:march , 2006
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Williamson River Rd.
Clear and Cold
late afternoon
Lone Pine Rd. Between Williamson River Rd. & Sprague River Hwy. at Lone Pine Fire Memorial.


Description of event: While out scouting deer and Elk, My wife and yougest daughter were traveling west on Lone Pine road. We stopped at the Lone Pine Memorial Sign to get out of the truck and stretch our legs when we heard 3 very loud "whoops" that came from about 1/4 mile east of our position. We had passed this position in the truck less than 2 minutes earlier.

The sound was very deliberate, with emphasis at the end of the sound increasing in pitch frequency. We all looked at each other after the third call and without saying a word, we all knew and agreed upon the source of the sound. The sound seemed to be a lonely call. Without consideration, I attempted to immitate the sound in reply.

I was quickly scolded by both my wife and daughter and directed to keep quiet and get back into the truck.

I did as instructed but continued to listen with the engine off for another several minutes. No other sounds were heard and we left the area without further incident.

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