Hiker's have rock thrown at them while hiking Diamond Peak.

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Date:September 25, 2006
Klamath county, OR
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mid morning
It was at a Marie lake campsite on the very east side of the lake. The trail head is off of forest road 2160, three miles west of summit lake, 8-12 miles west of Odell lake.


Description of event: A friend and myself were getting ready to climb Diamond peak after hiking in the day before, and camping on the east side of Marie lake. We were packing our day packes around 9:00 when I heard a thud, like a large rock was throw at us. It was only one, and I could feel it when it hit the ground, so I know that it was big and close to our site. Then I heard two other single large rocks hit the ground with-in one or two minutes apart from each other. My friend heard it that time and I told him that I heard two other rocks prior. Just then another two more hit somewhere in the bushes in front of our camp site. We proceded on with our hike right after the event and had no other incidents after that morning. All that I know is what I experienced, and it seemed a bit weird. Our site was not near any cliffs where a rock slide would happen. Also, no other campers were in the area or on the lake. In addition, there were caves that we found in the area, also there was a large tree on the trail that was torn apart. It looked like an animal was searching for grubs.

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