Boyscout leader has encounter while on a hike. file# 01916


Date:June 12, 2001
Newton county, AR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 74
Sunny and cool
This place is public access so I don't mind telling you how to get there. Its called Kyle's Landing on the Buffalo National River. Hwy 74 west out of Jasper Ar. Now on the way down the Mountain there is a fork in the road you take the left to Kyel's and a right to Camp Orr Boy scout camp I was on The (BRT) Buffalo River Trail Headed West at Between 8 and 9 am we where about a quarter mile from the trail head on the way up the mountain


Description of event: Ok I want to start out by saying that i do not want my name to be used I have made this report once to BFRO and I have said nothing about it to anyone but a very close friend that was at camp with me.

It was the week after my birthday in June, I was working for the Boy Scouts of America and I was the trekking Director for Camp Orr. I was going to take a troop of scouts on a 16 mile hike on the BRT that morning, we started out from Camp orr on the Brt and made our way from Kyel's landing to the trail head going west up the mountain. I often walk alot faster than every one as I had taken on these trails and was very used to the terrain. I was around 20 or so yards in front of the scouts and scout master about a quarter of a mile up the mountain from kyel's when I heard somthing very large moving through the woods fast with the snapping of large branches and then a very loud, and I mean stop the scouts in their tracks loud, whoop howl let off. I ran in the direction of the sound, moving up the trail way ahead of the scouts when there was a huge crash of a tree snaped it sounded off again and as I rounded the curve in the trail I thought I was going to see an elk and out at about 50 yards or less I was stopped in my tracks with another loud whoop!! I looked up to left there he was, looking right at me, I would say we looked at each other for about a minute or 2 and he looked past me down the trail and turned and walked away. I was in awe and scared and happy all at the same time, but at first frozen in fear. He must have been right at 8" tall and he looked pissed that we disturbed him. Thats what it sounded like when this all started like we scared him and he started running through the woods to get away. His face was very human in apperance and he was really wide in the shoulders I would say 4" or more from shoulder to shoulder. I was close enough that I could see the muscle in his arms chest and legs. He was covered head to toe in a reddish brown hair darker black underneath, it was really long on the arms and legs and body but not so much on his chest. His head was very large and shaped like an adult male gorilla cone shaped slope to the back. This guy was healthy at about 500 to 700 pounds.When He turned to walk away I was already in the process of backing up slowly. I would say the scouts on the way up the trail made him leave but I watched him I never took my eyes off him. I can see why this species can stay out of our hands their camoflauge is great he blinded right in to the woods as he walked away. So well that if you walked by one in the woods you would not see him. The smell was very foul like fresh killed skunk but I remember not even taking notice off it at the time. Once he walked off I turned and here came the scouts "What was it?" I compossed myself and said "man you just missed an elk I just barely got a look at it." I asked them if they where ready to go on. The scout master gave me a look and just went with me. Later He asked me agian what I had seen and I just said "you wouldn't belive me anyway!" and left it at that and Im sure he knew I wasn't going to say anything by the look on my face.

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