Motorist swerves to miss creature on the road. file# 01927


Date: , 2006
Pine county, MN
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Highway 48
clear warm night
I was driving in my car on highway 48


Description of event: I was on my way home from my mothers house out on crooked creek road, Driving towards Hinckley on highway 48 about 20-30 feet from sand creek. Lets see at first I was changing a disc into my c.d player looking from the road to my c.d player about every 2-3 seconds and I am positive that I saw nothing on the road or on the side for that matter when suddenly as I was fiddling with my c.d player and keeping an eye out on the road I smelt this bad odor, nasty odor and maybe 2 seconds later there was this big blackish human like thing sitting on the road with these big yellowish shiny eyes and this things fur was like shaggy long hair with long legs and arms and I am very certain that this wasn't a bear, I mean I’ve seen bears all my life and this thing didn't look nothing like a bear. Beside bears don't hold objects in their hands. I was very frightened and just seconds before I almost hit the creature. I mean if I didn't swerve off the road kind of to avoid hitting it I would have hit it. I heard off Bigfoot stories and heard of sightings in this area but I thought of out of all the people it would be me who witnessed this creature and at first I didn't believe the other people who told me about the same sightings that I saw and on the same road and creek and now I do believe in BIGFOOT. At first I didn't believe what I saw and never told anyone after I told my boyfriend and all he did was make fun of me. I most of the time can describe myself better by talking about it rather than typing.

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