Whistles heard and creature spotted in nearby stream

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Date:August 17, 2003
Cowlitz county, WA
Nearest town:
Kid's Camp
Nearest road:
Road Coming Down From Mt. St. Helens
Beautiful hot ,clear, see for ever
late afternoon
Coming down road from Mt.St. Helens.I have no idea what it is called.Could take you to exact spot.


Description of event: It was the day after my 50th b-day. What a great present! I was with my husband, my sister and two other friends who had come up from Ca. for my party that they had for me the day before. Now we were all still a little hung over, but I know what I saw. We went up to St.Helen's to show it off to them. I had knee reconstrution surgery and was in a top of my thigh to ankle brace and on crutches. It was too hard for me to do all the stuff at St.Helens so I waited in the jeep. It was such a beautiful day, I got out and walked around the parking lot looking at all wonderfulness of the area.

Now I can whistle very loud from being taught from my 6 brothers. So I did this to amuse myself waiting for the others to finish their picture taking at the top. I got some very strange looks from other people in the lot, but I'm used that sort of thing. I started getting some other whistles and kinda bird noises back! For some reason this was felt to my core! They were loud and very clear. I had been kinda bummed because I couldn't go with the others and they sounded like who ever was returning my whistles were trying to pick my spirits up.

When the others got back I had the biggest smile on my face! I didn't tell them because I felt that this was something special for just me. We started the drive down and we were all kinda quiet just looking at the beautiful scenery and listening to some good music. I was in the front passenger seat just thinking about the sounds I had heard when my husband and our friend Tricia startd yelling that they had seen something like a panther go across the road! So now they were all tripping on what they had seen.

I'm looking out the window and I see a stream, well I think it's a little more than that. I see what I thought at first was a young wookie jumping and splashing in the water! I mean, my mind had to process this for a bit. We were traveling about 55mph. The wookie then squatted down and was poking in the water kinda poking around, putting something in his mouth. I had this quick impression that it was a teenage Bigfoot! It was tall but not filled out. It was hairy, very hairy.

I also got the impression that it was male. I did not see genitals, just knew it was male. I said that I had 6 brothers and it just reminded me of when they were 16 or 17. I said to my husband if we could turn around and go back, which was vetoed by the others who wanted to go get an ice cold beer. I will never forget this. I can sit here and see it clearly as if it was yesterday. My Father had told me of an encounter he had in the 1940's when we were driving to New Mexico. That had haunted him all his life and he would love to go to L.A. Zoo or the one in San Diego and spend most of the day watching the gorillas. He'd say what he saw wasn't the same thing. My Father was full blooded Cherokee. Had been very much comfortable outside. I never seen him as thoughtful as when he was thinking about this.

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