Woman recounts seeing glowing eyes near Cascadia; A track near Green Peter reservoir; Husband's sighting near Lake Shasta as a boy

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Date: , 1989
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 126?
Clear Night
Go to Cascadia state park, take the little road to the left just before entering the park. Go past the houses and when you pass the last one on the left there is a big open field on your right and the river on your left. That is where it happened


Description of event: I had horses out in the pasture. My two brothers my sister and I think one of the boys friends went out to see the horses. We had eighty acres which butted up to logging property and wilderness. The river was across the dirt road from our property. We went out all the time in the dark it didn't bother us at all. I rode my horse all over the hills and was never afraid.

Well anyway, we went out to find the horses and I had a flashlight I was shining in the field looking for them. I had it at chest height sweeping the field. When I shown it back across the flat part of the field towards the river I saw two orange glowing eyes looking at me. I didn't hear anything at all. It didn't move. There are no trees in that part of the field and whatever it was, was taller than me.

I have never been so afraid in my life. All the hair stood up on my body and I felt weak. Never have I felt that way and I have been in the woods all my life. I knew whatever it was, I was not supposed to be there. As I watched the strange thing was it closed its left eye and turned its head to the right. This was strange to me because I thought an animal would just turn its head out of the light and that would mean its right eye would leave view first.

Anyway, I still did not hear anything as I turned around and started running for the house. I tried to get everyone in but they would not come all the way into the house. I on the other hand did not go out at night again for a long time.

Another time when we were hunting in say 2004 around green peter, I was walking behind my husband and in the mud I saw a track. I stopped and looked at it and looked again. I was kind of embarresed to say anything but I know in my heart it was a bigfoot track. It had all the toes and the big toe was prominent, the back was kind of messed up because it was on a slope, but I know it was one. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. I wish I had not been embarresed to say anything.

My husband's family was camping in a house boat on lake shasta when he was young. Him and his grandpa got up early to fish and they looked up on a hill in a clear cut and saw a black thing stand up and walk across the clear cut. Both my husband and his grandpa recall it. I don't know the year but it must have been about twenty six years ago. His grandpa told me the story and swears it was not a bear.

Well I hope I see another one. I hope it is not up close but I want to prove to myself that it is real.

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