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Date:july , 1998
Carter county, TN
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Dave Buck Road
cool summer night
It's Sunnyview Court off of Dave Buck Road in Johnson City TN. Our neighboorhood is in a valley and it is a 2 lane neighboorhood and both lanes come to a dead end. I'd say theres no more than 20 houses in the neighboorhood. My house is on the second lane called Rainbow Drive. My house was the second house on the left from the dead end stop, 1021 Rainbow Drive. The sighting was in my yard.


Description of event: Hi my name is Brian Smithpeters. My bigfoot sighting happened in my yard. At the time this happened I was 12 years old. From the area where I live no one believes my story. My parents don't even believe me and they were in the house the night this happened.

I was laying in bed around 10:00 or so. I was getting hot so I got up to turn my fan on. My fan sat on a dresser next to my window. So as I got up to the window to turn my fan on something caught my eye. I looked out my window and at first I was shocked and I remember I couldn't really move. It was like I was frozen. I looked out my window and it was a bigfoot. My neighbors across the street had a street light so i did have decent light to see in the dark. I clearly remember it walking upright on two legs and I remember I could see all of it's body covered in dark brown hair. It was walking just as any bigfoot would. Just exactly like the Patterson,Gimlin Bigfoot film. I remember it's body size being so thick also. It had those long swinging arms and the slight hunched over walk it has. I can really only guess how tall it was because my window was about 10 to 12 feet off of the ground. If I had to I would say it was 8 feet tall or so. I do remmeber I was a little higher than it though.

After about 15 seconds or so of seeing this I snapped out of my frozen state and backed away from my window. I just remember standing there trying to figure out if what just happened really did happen. Afer that I decided to go tell my parents in the next room. They kind of laughed and my dad looked out the window for me but didn't see anything. I also told my neighboorhood friends the next day and they all laughed at me to. No one except my brother believes me. I'd say almost everyday I relive this encounter in my head and realize how fortunate I was to see this no matter who doesn't believe me.

Thanks Brian

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