Teen sees creature at dusk near Timberline Lodge

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Date:august , 2006
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Government Camp
Nearest road:
Route 26
Road leading down from Tiberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.


Description of event: I was riding in the passenger seat of my family's RV after eating dinner at the Timberline Lodge. As were drove down the road leading back to the Government Camp area, I looked out the window to see a tall, dark figure walking away from the road, into the deep woods. There was no sign of clothing on the dark figure, but the sun had not set and it was still sufficently bright enough to see the creature. He was moving between two cabins set wide apart in extremely thick brush that a person would have trouble getting through and would also have no reason to be there, as I think the cabins were abandoned. There was medium traffic on the road, so that's why the figure was probably retreating. My heart leaped when I saw it. I begged to turn back, but my family didn't see it and wouldn't take me seriously.

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