Couple has stare-down with creature while driving in the woods file# 03790


Date:april 12, 2007
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Coos Bay Wagon Rd.
mid morning
Brummett Crk Rd and Carls Crk Juction


Description of event: My husband and I were driving on Brummett Crk Rd goofing off in the snow. As we reached Brummett Crk and Carls Crk Rd. junction, we noticed some movement up under a huge fir tree. We stopped and seen what looked to us as a very large ape-man like thing moving behind the tree. We watched as it looked at us for about 1 min and then it turned and went up a steep ravine on 2 legs while it looked back at us several times.

My husband didn't want get out of pickup because of the size of it. It was over 9 feet tall and had to be over 500 lbs. We know the height because we went back a week later and had a tape with us to estimate its height.

The only sound we heard was a low grunting type sound. It was very scary for it to look at us, and we didn't know what kind of thing it was. Its face was very hard to look at because we were very scared of it. The Ape-man thing did not try to hurt us... it looked suprised as we were.

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