Boy Scouts encounter a creature in berry bushes file# 03864


Date:September , 2003
Tuolumne county, CA
Nearest town:
Cold Springs
Nearest road:
Hwy 108
late afternoon
From Sonora, CA, take Hwy 108 east to just past Long Barn. Turn right at Jenness Park Christian Camp, drive down the road until you see a fork in the road; the main road keeps going straight, there is a gravel road which heads right- it is a forest service road. Take this road until you reach another fork in the road, then take a right at this fork- the sighting was seen in the woods NW of the road.


Description of event: My friend and I were hiking in the woods and we saw a berry patch. We noticed something digging or scavenging in it. It heard us talking and we noticed that it stuck its head over the bush, looking directly at us to see what we were doing. It stood up all the way and ran out of the berry bush and out into the woods. It was approx. 7 foot tall, covered in brown hair and took long strides when it was running. It ran faster than a human.

(***** reported the sighting to me, his mother, *****. I typed everything out here for ***** while he verbally explained to me the details. My son is a very honest, credible young man, a leader in his Boy Scout troop. He has no reason to lie, this is not a hoax).

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