Girl and her boyfriend hear and see creatures "talking" at night near a remote residence file# 03865


Date:october , 1993
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Old Oregon Trail
Near Old Oregon Trail Rd. Exact location confidential


Description of event: My boyfriend, and I had gone to see his parents in the deserted town of Cherokee. They were in the process of building their house. We had to bath in a make shift bath tub outside, and use an Outhouse.

We had spent the whole day BBqing, and just hanging out with his family. Everyone left about 8pm because the road is such a bad drive. My boyfriend , and I, along with his parents, went back into the house to just relax.

I went out side about 8:30 to bathe. At this time I had the creepiest feeling like I was being watched, I heard something moving around in the brush, and tree's only about 100ft from the house. I ran back in and told my boyfriends parents what had happened. They told me It was probably a deer or possibly a bear, and that I should relax, and stay inside.

We all went to bed about 9pm. Now during this time I was pregnant, so I had a bad case of pee-itis. Around ten that night I had to use the bathroom. It was a full moon, and my boyfriend told me I would be ok. But I was scared to go outside alone especially since I had been creeped out earlier that night. So he got up, and walked me to the outhouse.

We were halfway to the outhouse when we heard what we thought were people talking. The funny thing is we understood some words, but the rest of the language sounded foriegn. But it definetly sounded like a language. I got scared thinking someone was up there in the middle of nowhere, so I ran to the outhouse, my boyfriend followed, we barley got to the outhouse when I heard the voices die down, and stop about paralell to where we were.

I looked out and didn't see anything, my boyfriend feeling brave went outside of the outhouse, and asked who was there. We heard a response but it really did sound like spanish almost, that's when I saw the top of the creature's head, well above the embankment we were on. I started to cry I got so scared.

The weird part was that when I began to cry the creatures looked over the embankment, and made some sort of soft gutteral sounds, looked directly at us then like they were aware that they had scared us they just strolled off quietly talking to each other. I went pee, and then ran back into the house my boyfriend thought it was cool. We got up early the next morning, and went to see what we could find. We left that afternoon.

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