Man hears unidentified screams with his brother and alone file# 03893


Date:September , 2006
Kittitas county, WA
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I would love to tell you or take you up there but I just need more proof somthing besides any other animal in the woods is making these sounds.


Description of event: I'll make it short. The first time I was with my brother from Arizona. We were hiking to a high alpine lake and heard a scream that gave us both goose bumps. I've been in the woods all my life and have never heard anything even close to this. It was loud, close, deep in tone, and short. Also not a bear or cougar scream. Sounded like a gorilla getting ready to charge.

The second encounter was by my self about a mile from that first area. I was up by myself on a high buck hunt and, anyway, heard branches snapping around my tent all night. Not like they were being stepped on on the ground, but out of a high alpine tree that was extremely dry. Also very close to my tent. I know that sound because I was making that sound when I built a fire before I went to sleep. I can tell you I will not spend the night there by myself ever again. No people for miles and miles.

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