Husband and wife see creature running on lakeshore at Prineville Resort Campground file# 03900


Date:August 16, 2007
Crook county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Juniper Canyon RD
direct across from camp site #9 at Prineville Reservoir Resort


Description of event: On Thursday the 16th of August my family and I was camping at Prineville Rewservoir Resort.

At 11:45 am my wife and I were sitting at our camp site watching boats go by. I looked up across the lake and saw a dark figure running around a rocky point. I asked my wife to look up at it and asked her what she thought it might be. Her response was a deer. I said on two legs. We both sat there and watched with amazement as it rounded the rocky point and across a sandy beach and up to the tree line.

This happened in less then 30 seconds. We were both amazed and wondering what we really saw. The distance from where we were sitting to where it was running was about 400 to 500 yards.

The next day we went over to see if we could find any tracks. The sandy beach was too loose to hold any tracks and the rocky point was just that. Loose rocks from gravel to watermellon size rocks. There is no way a human could run across the rocky point with out stumbling or even falling. Whatever was running did it without missing a beat and was graceful. The path it was traveling from the rocky point to the tree line was about 90 yards. Once again No human could cover that kind of terain in the time it did. To me it look scared and was trying to gett out of there in a hurry. The area that I think it came down from was steep and stopped at the waters edge. Came down for some water and got scared and couldn't get back up. It wasn't until we saw some other family over on the sandy beach when we realized it had to be Sasquatch. The size of the people standing on the beach were nowhere near the size of what was running. From that point on my wife and I truly believe what we saw was Sasquatch.

record updated:2007-09-04 09:43:13