Teens out for a drive sees a tall, bulky, dark figure walking through a field

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Date: , 2001
Clackamas county, OR
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Calm and clear
Due to it being very dark out, and me being in the back seat of an old car, and not familiar with the area it's pretty difficult. IT was by a crossroads out on Division street east of Gresham if I remember correctly, and it was quite a ways out, on a long stretch. Kind of near Boring Oregon. There had to be a stop sign because we were just taking off again from stopping at the crossroads.


Description of event: This is in an area between Boring and Gresham Oregon. I was with some friends coming back from a late night drive. Anywhere from 11:00pm to 2:30am late summer early fall. Was a little chilly in my opinion. We had stopped at a stop sign at a crossroads. I was in the passenger side back seat of a 73 AMC Hornet, so visibility is not the best.

I noticed as we passed the crossroads there was a huge field to my right, with a house on it. The lights in the house were off. I noticed something walking across the field, a dark figure. I pointed it out to my friend and said hey what in the hell is someone doing walking accross a field this time of night. He commented something about it being one big dude we don't want to mess with and then something about sasquatch.

When I think back on it, I can visualize the size, and it was pretty tall. My friend was 6'4" who I was with and I had a friend from highschool who was 6'9" and this thing was easily a foot over the 6'9" guy. Had some girth to it too, large arms too, like CO2 cylinders for soda dispensers.

It seemed to kind of glance in our direction a little, but didn't seem too concerned. It looked like it had entered the field from probably 100-150 yards up, and when we passed it, was probably about 100 yards into the field away from us. It was cutting in a straight line diagonally, like a disrespectful teen might cross someone's lawn because they are too lazy to walk to the corner. The direction it was heading there were no more houses at all. We were going west bound, and the creature was heading northeast. The only other housing nearby was southeast from us. To the northeast which it was heading, was another field, and possibly a creek or two, and then deep woods for quite a ways, not sure how far, but not much for residence up there for miles and miles, before getting to the Sandy River towards Dodge Park. The direction it was coming from, it would have been a mile or two in, but there would have been a few housing developements about 3 miles from the outskirts of Gresham, kind of near Sandy or Damascus. I wouldn't say it was crossing from over in that area, because it would have had to cross alot of suburban type area's, as well as several busy roads and a busy highway(highway 26). If it was a bigfoot, my personal guess is it was headed back "home" after going somewhere in the opposite direction for some reason.

I thought it rather odd, and we all joked occasioanlly from time to time about seeing bigfoot for the next year or two, when remembering times we hung out, before eventually the group of friends generally moved away. We ranged in age from 19-28 years old, and there were about four or five of us. I was trying to research a little on my cousin's murder, on Wildcat Mountain Road years ago, when I came across this site due to the keywords I was using. After reading quite a bit, it brought back this memory.

I think my wife and her friend have a few stories as well, having lived in central Oregon near LaPine, Crescent, and Gilchrist most of their lives. I will have to talk with them, and make some reports as well. Also when I think about it, there was kind of a rotton smell to the area. Didn't really smell animal like. Although that general area at night smells kind of animal like, it smelled kind of humid, mossy, and a bit like mildew. Not the "typical" bigfoot smell from what I have read. It wasn't really a rancid smell either, but kind of fresh.

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