Large bipedal creature sighted near Tioga Creek file# 03911


Date:August 22, 2007
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Coos Bay
Nearest road:
Tioga Creek Rd
Early afternoon
It's like 12 miles from Park Creek Recreation Site. I think the first bridg and by a little green shack like an outhouse in Coos County, Oregon


Description of event: I was walking up Tioga Creek from where we were camped about 1500 Ft to 2000 Ft up the creek. There was a pool of water where a small cliff went up to thick brush that I could see over. I smelt a smell when I got close to the area I was heading to; I did not think anything about it. I got to the little pool I was heading to moving the rocks to get alot of water flowing into the pool with a shovel. The smell was stronger. We were camping in a small clearing next to the creek. Then it was dark from the tall trees and thick brush and Blackberry bushes. I was talking to myself loud so they could still hear me at the campsite. Once Im done with the pool I still smell a faint but strong smell. I hear a bit of movment over the brush I stand up straight and I see a From what I see in the shade a rather large creature standing on two legs. I stand there looking at it for 5 no more than 10 secs. My heart is beating out of my chest. When it make's a snort I guess from it's nose it turns around sort of walking real fast and hits one of the tall trees so hard it shakes it. I run as fast as I can to the campsite.

record updated:2007-09-19 12:44:03