Hikers see black hairy figure near Mother Load Mt.

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Date:August , 1998
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
late afternoon
Not sure of the road, but it cuts off from the Collawash river to Pansy Lake trailhead. Exact place I think was Mother Load Creek. In the Bull Of The Woods Wilderness.


Description of event: We had been hiking in The Bull of the Woods area for several days and decided to hike over to Bagby Hot Springs. It was getting late and we noticed on the map a small pond at the base of Mother Load Mt. so we took off the trail and hiked up to it.

After finding there were no fish in the small pond we set up camp and built a fire. After that we started to scan the cliffs on all 3 sides of us. We noticed a deer way up on a ledge; a couple seconds later it looked away from us to the other side of the pond and then got up and slowly walked away. Then we looked toward the direction it was looking and saw a large black hairy figure standing on 2 legs with arms in the air and holding something white in one hand about the size of a basketball and very slight movements. We observed it for a couple minutes with a very eerie feeling, we wanted to leave badly but it was getting pretty dark and our batteries were dead and there was no trail, so we decided to build up the fire to keep it away. In the very short time we turned away then looked back again, it was gone.

Right when it got completely dark, but the moon was bright, a large fir tree on the other side of the pond began to shake and sway violently off and on for about 1/2 an hour or more and then everything was completely silent, not a single sound. We took turns sleeping that night, if that's what you call it.

The next morning finally came, we put out our fire and quickly left. About 20 yards from the pond on our way out we came across a very expensive fly rod broken in half with a very nice reel and new line and random tracks that looked like a person running fast towards the direction out. We finally made it to the trail and decided to hike out to the car and head for home.

Haven't though about it for years until a co-worker asked me if I had ever seen a bigfoot. I now live in Montana with very few sightings reported, so I thought I would look online for the area I was in and grew up, It's amazing how many have been spotted like in the "SKOOKUM" area.

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