High school students find tracks in the snow on Larch Mountain

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Date: , 1968
Multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Larch Mountain Road


Description of event: Way back when I was in high school, living in east Multnomah County, my best friend and I would look up at Larch Mountain every Fall and at the first sight of snowfall on the top of the mountain, we would drive up to the lookout parking lot, roll snowballs which we would put in the trunk of our car and drive back down to Parkrose high school and would erect a snow-man so that the students arriving for school the next morning would see the snow-man. In the Fall of 1968 (I think) we drove up in the evening and were walking the trail from the parking lot to the lookout at the summit when we came across huge tracks in the snow (the snow was only and inch or two deep). The tracks followed the trail for some ten to fifteen feet and then went off down a slope. I remember my friend and I seeing these at the same time, our looking at one another, our mouths gaping wipe open. We didn't say a word to one another and both turned around and ran as fast to my car as we could. I started the car and raced down the road and we probably didn't say a word for a minute or so and then we both talked about what we had just seen. THe tracks were so big and so far apart that we both knew that they couldn't have been human or even a bears. We were so excited about this that we went to a show in the gymnasium of Madison High School where a man presented a film clip and spoke about bigfoot. We spoke with this man after the show and told him of our experience.

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