Teens describe multiple sightings over several nights near water tower

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Date:July 19, 1977
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Spencer Rd
clear ,hot
Right off Spencer Rd CTTA is a private resort that is members only. My parents were the fifth family to join, some of the first people in the place. CTTA has a water tower right off the road.


Description of event: We had, and still have to this day, property in CTTA private resort. We would spend the entire summer camping there. They had a lodge with showers and a laundromat so this was possible. My brother and I had been going down there since we were little guys. We used to walk to a creek, follow it to the water tower, then turn and come back through the woods, where we would hand line fish with just line and a hook and periwinkles from the creek as bait while hanging over a log that hung over the creek. We saw tracks one day but we just did not think to much about it.

One night we were hanging over the log looking into the hole at the fish when we smelled something very foul. It was awful. We had pellet rifles, and at that time being kids thought nothing could happen to us. For some reason we were nervous, and the smell! Oh, man!

We went back to camp, but this went on for three nights in a row. Then on the fourth night we smelled that awful smell the minute we got on top of the log. We heard some movement, and for a brief 4 to 5 seconds something in the trees blocked the sun. We both looked over and it moved rather quickly. We ran like the dickens back to camp.

No one believed us. We kept going back every night. We started seeing flashes of something rather large and dark every night. It would never fully come out, but oh, could we smell it!

We started to do this every night at the same time. One night however, we where on the log looking for this thing and the coyotes started to howl real close. They got closer and closer, then boom, they were there on the trail at the end of the log. I don't think they knew we were there until my little brother started to yell, "get away", in a panicky voice. They stopped and looked at us. Then they whimpered, tucked there tails, and took off at top speed.

My brother all of a sudden said, "Oh my god!" That's when I saw it for the first time. It was absolutely huge, and I mean huge! It seemed to be concerned about our safety, as it was directly behind us; I would say 30 to 50 feet away. The smell was overwhelming, but it seemed to have frightened the coyotes, and was not going to harm us. You could almost sense this.

It moved north up hill, turning back looking right at us, then moving further away,. It moved so fast with a couple of steps that it was quickly out of sight. We followed, and took the trail to the right this time, leading straight to the water tower and open area. That's when we saw it again.

This time it stopped next to the water tower and turned its entire upper body around to stare at us. At that point we were on level ground with it. We could see that it was way bigger than it looked when it was in the brush above us. It was at least 9 to 11 feet tall and must have been 1000lbs. It looked like king kong's body with a different looking face one; to this day I have not seen again (not even in any photos or videos).

To me,it looked nothing like the Patterson creature in the film. It was more defined with way less hair, and you could see the muscle movement when it moved. You could see it's skin actually stretching as it moved.

It looked at us for what seemed to be a long time at a very close range. We couldn't move. It was almost like we were unable to move. It turned, stopped, and at once looked back again, and waved insects away from its face with its left hand. You could see it's hand was huge with white palms. It stepped over the fence, crossed the road, and disappeared into the brush.

We saw this creature for 4 straight nights at the water tower. After that night each time it came to the water tower stopped at the same spot and we would stare at each other until it was dark. Then it would step completely over the fence, go back across the road, and disappear like it was letting us look at it.

We told my dad and sister on the 5th night. We took them to the water tower with us, but my Dad drove to the fence and watched the tower from the road as the three of us walked in the normal way. We never saw it again.

The next month we were there to shut things down for the year. We were there 4 days. We went to the tower every night this time with a Polaroid camera my Dad had given us , but we never saw it again.

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