Man recalls sighting as 10 year old - family of creatures drinking from stream file# 04068


Date:July , 1975
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Camas Valley
Nearest road:
early morning


Description of event: During the summer of 1975 my dad was employed with a logging outfit that was cutting roads as they did their clear cutting.

As the operation became farther and farther from home, my dad said we were going to camp for a few weeks closer to the job. Me being a 10 yr. old boy, I thought this was going to be a fun summer and my 2 older brothers were anxious as well. We had all the camping gear needed and I remember a big green canvas tent with 2 rooms.

We made camp as a family close to the stream and I thought this was great. Our first week was uneventful and me and my 2 brothers started exploring farther and farther from camp each day.

One morning after I awoke I decided that I was going to explore upriver by myself. I don’t know why none of my brothers were with me at the time. I started following the river upstream and that’s when I first saw a family of creatures drinking from the stream.

My first reaction was shocking and I wasn’t sure if they were bears or not, because they were crouching down to reach the water. I don’t think they noticed me right away because I watched them for about a minute or so. I was probably about 40 to 50 yds away and could see them very clearly.

One of the creatures noticed me and seemed to be startled. It rose from the bank and grunted and moaned to the other 2 and they also noticed me. At this point I was sure that they were not bears and turned and ran for 25 minutes back to our campsite. I was freighted and told my mom and brothers about it and they said it was just bears.

Well, that night their attitudes changed when ,right as the fire was just about out, rocks started raining down on our campsite and my dad got out of the tent and came face to face with a hairy creature that was 8ft. tall by his estimations. We were all very scared and got no sleep that night.

In the morning there were tracks everywhere in our camp and down by the stream. My dad moved the camp about 5 miles closer to the logging camp. Everything was great for a couple of days or so then me and my brothers found some more tracks. At this point we were more curious than scared. We tried to follow them but lost them very quickly.

Another week or so had passed and me and my 2 brothers had another encounter with a single creature. We pretty much stayed together for the most part and things got back to normal. One afternoon we were playing in the forest not far from our campsite and my brother noticed a creature watching us from the tree line. It was big and hairy and was not afraid of us kids at all. From what I remember it stayed in the trees but you could clearly see it. We stared at the creature for about 10 minutes and it just seemed curious about us boys. I remember that we were in a freshly cut clearing goofing around on the new stumps and stuff. After a while we noticed that it was leaving and just walked deep into the trees.

We never had another sighting that summer, but other loggers told my dad that they to had encounters with the creatures. To this day I and my 2 brothers know what we saw and no one can tell us any different. We still call each other and talk about that summer in Oregon. My dad no longer is in the logging business and we have all moved out of state....

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