Boy describes hearing loud roaring screams near homestead file# 04080


Date:august , 2007
Columbiana county, OH
Nearest town:
fredrick town
Nearest road:
smithferry road
clear nice warm dry
pre dawn dark hours
you follow smith ferry road down a huge hill then up another you'll come across a long long sucluded drive way to your right follow it all the way back untill u reach a big opeaning in the woods a house will be to the left and a field to the right theres a pull off spot that looks into the field pull off there


Description of event: We lived there about 9 years ago... for about 10 years every night through the summer and spring months this thing would come and look into are window and make this extremely deep and loud roar the windows in are house was about 6-8 feet off the ground and it would look in every night I herd about ever creature u could hear in these woods and I've never heard anything like this ever. In the summer of 2007 we happened to find our selves wondering back up to see if it was still there and boy it was we were laughing and making a lot of noise and we heard something far off in the distance though alright that’s it its far away with in 5 minutes this thing was right there no further than 100 yards away and roared at the top of its lungs we couldn't get a view of it its pitch black back in there. we were sitting out by the fire one night and we heard something rustling in the weeds we thought nothing of it cause the cats were playing around its about 12 am and the rustling got louder then it just let it rip roar so loud its enough to stun you make every hair on your body stand on end.

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