Couple walking reports sighting, odor file# 04133


Date:February 14, 2009
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Valley View Dr.
No driving conditions, walking down road near canyon near Valley View Dr. There is a location it is between Valley View Rd and the Butte Creek canyon.


Description of event: [Editor's note: This is a secondhand report submitted by a researcher local to the area]

What was witnessed during at time of sighting:

XXX reported that he and his girlfriend were taking a walk down the road towards his house when his girlfriend smelled a putrid smell, that he said smelled like a cross between a skunk and rotted flesh. XXX said that the whole time he felt like he was being watched by something, but his girlfriend and him just thought it was nothing and kept walking.

As soon as XXX and his girlfriend reached his house, he said that they were sitting on the front steps when XXX heard a noise that made him and his girlfriend very scared, he said it was a low but harsh growl and then a grunt. Just then he said he noticed that the neighbors dog was totally quiet and it seemed to cower and whimper and that is when he noticed a tall creature running across the neighbors front lawn and disappeared. He said the creature had a long stride long arm that hung down to his knees and it ran by in a semi hunched over position, he said it stood about 10 ft tall and it had no neck that he could see.

XXX stated that it had possibly black or brown hair.

Further Details: This road borders the butte creek canyon where numerous sightings have been reported . At one end of the road is densely packed forest XXX said that he could not find any footprints but the smell lingered in the air for about 2 hours after the sighting.

Further Investigation: small expedition is scheduled for this area to determine where or if Bigfoot is in or near this area.

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