Campers hear large visitor, find tracks the next morning file# 04153


Date:July 19, 2007
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
I would like the location to remain unknown unless my father and I accompany the persons interested.


Description of event: My father and I took my boys and two of there friends camping and fishing. We were settled down around the campfire when my father and I heard something big about fifty feet outside our camp so we grabbed our guns and went to see what it was. We saw a silhouette of a large manlike creature in the brush about one hundred feet away from us. We started to follow it but it moved vary quickly through thick brush. We circled back to our camp to check on the boys and decided to look for sign in the morning when we could see. We went out first thing in the morning to take a look around camp and found foot prints about 14inches in length and 6 inches in width. We continued our search and I tried to match the stride and came about a foot short at the forward splits position and I stand at 6'4"tall and wear a size thirteen boot. We continued our search and found claw marks on the trees about nine feet from the ground and a stump that was torn apart that night. Debris from the log was flung about 20yards away. We stayed for one more night but didn’t have a second encounter.

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