Hunter spots three upright walking creatures file# 04154


Date:October 21, 2005
Fresno county, CA
Nearest town:
Shaver Village, Ca
Nearest road:
Hwy#168 East
clear and warm
mid morning
To get to where I had my sighting, you go east out of Fresno, Ca, North on hwy#41, cut off east on Hwy#168, stay on heading toward Huntington Lake. This is approx. 60-70 miles. You go past Shaver Village, Shaver Lake, toward Huntington Lake. This is all two lane hard top, well maintained. Before you get to Huntington Lake past Sierra Summit(ski resort) you follow Hwy #168 around to the right or east toward Badger Flat. Stay on the hwy up toward what is called the Kaiser Pass Rd.

Now the road turns into a difficult to pass, I would say one lane. The elevation increases dramatically. There are alot of switch backs up to Sample Meadows, where your turn off to the left is going to be. When you make your left the road becomes one lane stone road with plenty of pot holes. You drive for about twenty minutes you will come to Sample Meadows on the left. There are camp sites here and running water and clean bathrooms.

After this point it becomes pretty remote. The road turns to dirt and pot holes, muddy at times. You travel approx. twenty minutes till you come to sign on left saying Big Creek, Kaiser Diggings. There is an intersection there. Make a sharp right toward Toms Mountain (forest lookout tower). You are on top of a mountain now and you will continue down toward Hoffman Meadows. This is a dirt road full of pot holes and rocks. You travel down toward Hoffman Meadows, going down hill. Hoffman Meadows is on your northern side on your right. You travel for about twenty to thirty minutes and you will come to a road on your right. This will go down to Hoffmans Meadows.

Do not make the right. You will continue straight up hill toward our destination, Brown Cone. This is on the map which I will give you the name later. This is a geographic feature on the map, I stop anywhere along here to go hunting. Let's see, from the turn off at Hoffman's Meadow (you do not make a right there) you continue straight for about twenty minutes till you come to the turn off for Cow Meadow.

At this point there are alot of logging roads which are not on the map. I will say that at a intersection past Cow Meadow was my camp site. On the right. Directly across the road is a ridge which goes east toward Brown Cone. I would guess it takes about forty five minutes to an hour by foot to get to the area of Brown Cone.


Description of event: I walked across the road from my camp site and started to walk along a ridge. I was hunting for deer. I was heading east toward Brown Cone. I was going to drop of the ridge south and turn west back toward the camp and hopefully kick up some buck. I was with two other hunters who were back at camp. I was by myself walking along the ridge east toward brown cone.

It was a cool morning but soon heated up as the sun traveled higher in the sky. After about one hour I cut into the woods to the south and to my right. It was very thick here and took quite some time traveling through. I was trying to be quite, but I soon found out that was better said than done. There were a lot of wait a minute vines and very thick brush and downed tree branches.

I was making a lot of noise. I am sure if there were any animals they were very much aware of my presence. After it seemed like one hour, of bush wacking I came upon a small fire break, dirt road, not used in quite some time. This road was on my left, traveling north and south. I was just off the road on to the right.

I stopped to take a break and to take off some of the layers of clothing I had on. I leaned my gun up againest a tree along with my ruck sack. I sat down leaning up on the tree. I was looking north just enjoying the quietness and taking a breather. Now directly in front of me were some fairly thin bushes. The fire break was on my left. Any thing coming across the road I would see very clearly. I was drinking some water and eating some nibs (peanut butter crackers), for about twenty minutes.

I decided to get up and move on. After I had my ruck sack on and stood up, I grabbed my rifle. At that time a tall, dark figure moved directly in front of me from left to right. There were thin bushes in front of me. I did not see anything come across the road. Whatever it was, had to be standing there watching me for twenty minutes.

I quickly got up and ran around the bushes to the right. I stopped and looked and observed three large cinnamon/brown colored humanoid figures moving quickly through eight to ten foot spruce trees. The trees were swaying back and fourth as they ran through. This all happened in less than a minute. These large hairy figures were walking upright on two legs with their back sides toward me. I did not see their faces or the front of their bodies. They were all above eight foot tall, with shoulders about four foot across. I did not notice any necks with their wide bodies. I did not see their bodies long enough to see any muscle movement.

I have seen a lot of bears before and these were no bears. I stood there for about ten minutes trying to figure out what I had just observed. I looked at the area they traveled through for foot prints. The ground was very hard packed so there were none. I just found the grass on the ground trampled on where the creatures moved through. I did not see anything futher like this the rest of the day.

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