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Date:august , 1975-76
Douglas county, OR
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Warm clear
Exact location confidential


Description of event: Foreword;
I am an avid hunter/otdoorsman who has tent camped or slept under the stars at just about every wilderness area in the state of Oregon. I have also spent thousands of hours traversing the forests of the Rogue/Umpqua and Kalmiopsis wilderness areas and believe I have heard every animal that exists in each of their seasonal states.

Our closest neighbors at the time were a group of what we called "hippies". They were a group of (very nice and peaceful) naturalists who lived (and still live) a mile up the canyon from the house I grew up in and continue to be friends of our family.
The night my first encounter with what I know now (30+ years later) was a Bigfoot happened just a little after dark on a summer night in I believe 1975 or 76. My family was sitting watching television (Mother, Father, brother and sister). The weather was very warm so the front door was opened with the screen door pulled shut. While watching television, a sound very unfamiliar to everyone in the house came over the top of the television It started low and hit a pitch that I can only describe as jagged and piercingly high. It sounded angry but lonely if that makes sense.

We turned the volume down and the whole family in unison went out onto the front deck to see what the "explicative" (my dads words) it was.
The second time it screamed, it was much louder than the first because we were now outside with no other noise interference.
It cut through everyone standing there as if it could have split us in two like a very large, cold and razor sharp knife. It seemed as if it were a couple hundred yards up the canyon we lived in by the echoes. When one echo would stop, it would let out another almost seeming elevated scream.

Once again through mutters of confusion and fright we listened. I did not pay attention to what everyone else's feet were doing but remember slowly backing (1/2 step at a time) toward the open door and was almost petrified with fear.

The third time it happened, my mother simultaneously herded all of us kids (who did not need alot of prodding) back inside the house. My Dad, trying very hard to be fearless managed to stay for one more round but soon after the last scream, came in (quicker than he went out I must add). I literally saw him shake off a cold shiver as he crossed the threshold back into the house. The problem is that it was approximately 80 degrees outside that night!
The door was immediately shut and locked as well as both other entry doors into the house. My father has since passed and after that night, none of my family had discussed it until recently when I asked my mother and sister if they remembered it.
Not surprising to me at all, they both cut me off and finished my question for me when I began asking about this incident which happened over 30 years ago.

What brought it back up in my mind after such a long time was when I heard had a recording of either the snohomish or snoqualmie (cant remember which)Bigfoot. [Editor's note - Snohomish is correct.] It brought that night back into my life like an out of control freight train.

I played it for both my mother and sister. I could literally see goosebumps forming on their arms just as my own as well as my neck and top of my head did when I listened to it for the first time a month or so ago.

My sisters eyes became as big as saucers and her teeth clinched like she went into defense mode.

I have never heard that sound again out in the wild and had never really hoped too. When I played that recording, my blood ran cold and I could not function the rest of the day. My mother and sister also ask me about it on an almost daily basis to see if I have heard any more about updated Bigfoot information.

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