Man sees creature while wife uses restroom near Grant Lake file# 04194


Date:January , 1974
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Between Carson and White Salmon
Nearest road:
Hwy 14
Cold, gray to clear skies
mid morning
Closest land mark I can remember. It was before Cook town and after Grant Lake. There is a trail on the left hand side called something like Dog trail or something like that.


Description of event: I participated in the spring of 1972 in the search for DB Cooper while serving with the 3rd Cav out of Ft. Lewis. In the the last part of Jan 1974 my ex-wife and myself returned to Tacoma to visit some friends.

On the return trip back to Ft. Bliss (where the 3rd Cav had been transfered to), I decided to take a side trip back to the area where we searched for DB Cooper. We spent 2 days in the area and we took the road towards Rowena, about 50 miles short of the town.

My wife needed to use the bathroom so we pulled off the road and into a small trail (went in about 50 yards just to make sure it was private). While she was doing her thing I was smoking a cigarette, when I heard some rattling in the forest, which I calculated to be about 10 to 15 yards away from my location. I saw something which seemed to be walking.

It was dark and smelled very funny (bad). I could not see very clearly, plus I was scared not only for me but for my wife. I called out to her and told her to hurry because there was something in the area, I told her it was a bear. (I hunted for bears before in Washington, but I'm sure that whatever it was did not behave like one and I have never smelled one like that animal smelled.) I know it was tall, and it walked for a good 15 to 20 meters before it disappeared, I'm not sure a bear will walk for that long, and in addition it was too cold for a bear to be out of hibernation, but it could have been one.

I'd been in war and had just returned from Vietnam about 2 yrs prior, and I got a respect for life, and I get scared, but that spooked me. We just left and decided to return back toward the west to get back on I-5 and head south, which we did 2 days later!

Rafael L. Ignacio- US Gov. Retired

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