Oregonian Newspaper report from 1891

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Date:June , 1891
Jackson County county, OR
Nearest town:
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This is not a submission of a personal sighting, rather it is a submission of a newspaper article published in 1891. It may have relevance to an Oregon bigfoot?

The following newspaper item concerning Samuel Colver was published June 2, 1891, in the Morning Oregonian, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon:

A Naked Wild Man in Southern Oregon.
Ashland Record.

A wild man has been seen several times of late in the vicinity of John Obenchain's, near Big Butte, Jackson county. He is naked and takes to the woods every time he sights a human being. The nearest he was seen to the haunts of a human being was at a country schoolhouse, where it was supposed he was prowling around for some waste lunches left by the school children. One theory is that the party is the missing Uncle Sam Colver, the last trace of whom was found seven miles north of Linkville, some months ago.


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