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Date:May , 2001-present
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hills Creek Res. Area
generally clear
I'll happily take you up there as well. Outside Oakridge towards Hills Creek Reservoir but keep left. Past turn off for Wolf Mtn. One dispersal area about 1/4 mile from second Hills Creek Bridge and another camp/dispersal area about another 2 miles further up. Both on right side of road. Both right on Hills Creek. Approx 14 miles outside Oakridge.


Description of event: Again, I’ve experienced these beings off and on for years since I first took a group of women out on Hanblecha (Vision Quest would be the ‘white person’ phrase) back in 2001.

Many times it’s just hearing the (what I call) singing over the hills but there have been instances of feeling ‘watched’ and one time of being followed. I’m sure that *something* removed a couple of cloth ties I’d used to mark trees out more than a mile from ‘base camp’. Something also ran a couple of deer through camp late one night.

I could talk/write for hours of impressions and feelings of Bigfoot as a tribe/clan/social structure and I’m sure at the end y’all will simply decide I’m a nut case….so I’ll stick with the most clearly defined time frame/event.

Back in the late summer/early fall of 2001, I did my own 3 days/2 nights “out on the hill” as a time of prayerfulness, quiet, etc. I had a support camp of 3 other people including my husband and as I recall (none of us have brought up these specific memories from that time since shortly after the occurrence) at the time, all three of them had also heard the ‘singing’ once in a while and ‘felt a presence’ “off in the distance”.

While the support camp was set up next to the creek and between it and the road, I was alone with just my Cannunpa and Blanket maybe 200 yards away on the other side of the creek in a shallow valley.

What I most clearly recall is this: Starting after full dark, I could hear in the far off distance (nearby crickets could drown them out by spells) what sounded like Native singing. Specifically **women** singing. Over hours, the sounds came closer and it seemed like if they were just a bit closer, I could make out distinctive sounds (like words) of the rising and falling of individual voices. Again, the sense I had at that time is that it was “many”. More than three, more than five. Maybe not as many as 20 but very close. Having been in choirs and choruses, I know the difference between 5 and 15 and the fullness/richness of the sound. Hearing some fade out/sing lower as other voices rose.

At the time, and for a long time afterwards (until I first heard the vocal recordings you have on this site) I thought I’ve been hearing the voices of Ancestors/Spirits of the Aboriginal People of this region coming to sing to me as I fasted, prayed, and became one with Mother Earth.

The ‘singing’ would continue for maybe 30 minutes or so at a time, then silence for a while and just when I thought it was all over, it’d begin again…first just a few voices then more joining in. This continued through both nights until early morning. Long before night would wane, and as I had no watch, I can only guess until maybe 2 am or so. Until the time that all night creatures tend to settle down.

Again, as there were so many other issues that happened during that particular ‘quest camp’, other than hearing the two women wondering about “did you hear all that singing?” and my husband and I sharing a look, knowing that we ‘felt’ “them”, none of this group have studied the events at any great length as a group.

Peter, my husband, and I have spent several afternoons in this same area above Hills Creek and we’ve often felt that there were beings nearby. Even though we couldn’t see them, we felt their presence and felt ‘watched’. We’ve never tried to find ‘nests’, tracks, nor any other evidence because it’s enough for us that they’re there.

I have always had the sense of ‘family groups’ and a fairly complex social structure…much like gorilla clans. I’ve a friend (well, once very close friend) who called Bigfoot “the watchers” or “the keepers”… Always around us here in this area…always keeping tabs on us silly humans, ready to head us off if we get too close to the young ones.

I’ve never been personally spooked, threatened, ‘warned off’, etc from them. Whether it’s because they can sense that I’m in no way a threat (being at one with the Earth- kinda thing), that I’ve never gone looking for them, or because a lone woman just isn’t all that imposing, I just don’t know. I’ve always felt blessed and secure by their presence.

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