Target Shooter Disturbs Creature Above Brown's Camp file# 04353


Date:August 06, 2008
Washington/Tillamook boundry county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Route 6
warm sunny
mid morning
About 1/4 mile west? of the old rock quarry (shooting range).


Description of event: I went to go shooting but found that the shooting area was closed because of rock crushing operations were going on. I decide drive up the road further as I had never been past the quarry before. I found an area just up the road from the quarry to park my truck and then I started out, to the south, up a small hill.

I had only gone about 200 yards when I heard a crash of a tree branch? I stopped. It was very quiet. I looked around for a bit and heard additional movement. I looked to the west up a small incline and saw a very large dark object walking very fast up the hill. It was gone in about 5 seconds. I only had a 22 caliber target rifle with me so I felt it better that I get back to my truck and go find a coffee.

I drove about 10 minutes down the hill to a small general store where I asked the owners if they had ever heard of people seeing anything strange at Brown's camp. The old man asked me if I saw Bigfoot? I refused to say, but got my coffee and drove back home to Portland.

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