Campers hear heavy footfalls and camp being disturbed at night file# 04381


Date: , 1995
Tehama county, CA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Toomes Camp Road
Don't remember
Whitlock Campground off of Toomes Camp Road approximately 30 to 40 minutes west of Paskenta CA.


Description of event: I was camping with my brother, his girlfriend, our much younger stepbrothers and our mom's dog.

We had just gotten into our tents for the night and had all just fallen asleep. Around midnight, I awoke when I heard heavy footsteps in our camp site, then I heard whatever it was going through our pots and pans and stuff. I called out to my brother in the other tent if he was awake and hearing this, he said yes. They were now all awake and aware of what was going on. I figured if it was some animal it would frighten easily, so we all started yelling and making all sorts of noise.

When we paused we could hear it now walking around our tents. I very distinctly remember how heavy the footsteps sounded - a very loud crushing/crackling sound with each step.

We continued to try to yell and and scare off whatever it was. We had my mom's Australian shepherd with us and she had such an unusual stillness to her as she also listened. She never growled, barked nothing, just had her ears perked and listened.

After what seemed like hours (I think it was more like 30 min), we decided to all get dressed. By now the kids were also freaked. We got ready, truck keys in hand, and on the count of three, we ran as fast as we could to the trucks, jumped in and made record time off the mountain that night, never seeing anything (of course we weren't really looking). We slept at home that night (which was in Corning only about an hour or an hour half away).

We went back up that next day to get our stuff, we saw no tracks. only our stuff scattered about. Of course, I was only 17 and my brother 15, and actually Bigfoot never really crossed my mind that night until later, when I remember the reaction of the dog, who was an awesome guard dog (which is why we took her, drunk hunters and what not). She too seemed so scared she was frozen, like she knew something we didn't about what was out there that night.

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