Teens startled by snacking Bigfoot up Picket Creek

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Date:August , 1994
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Grants Pass
Nearest road:

Drought about August
late afternoon
You cross Robinson Bridge and head to Picket Creek up about a mile and a half in the creek bed.


Description of event: I was about 17 years old and My friend Toni Sandarval was the one who had seen the Bigfoot. I would have never believed him if it where not for the one fact that he went strait home to his uncle who sat in a tree all night with a gun in hopes of shooting the Bigfoot for the bounty.

Tony's Uncle was older than us high school kids and was known to be quite the bad ass, so I would believe Tony saw a Bigfoot, before I would believe he would trick his uncle into sitting in a tree all night.

We use to hang out at the creek quite a bit as we liked to pack guns with us at the time and we liked to shoot. Being out in the woods gave us the freedom we wanted, at that time.

I do not quite remember why or exactly who,but I believe it was, Brian Odonnal and Tony Sandaval who went up the road a bit to get some Pot. I believe they took a motor bike and one was on back while the other drove. Well within minutes they where back and they both seemed very shook up shouting they had seen a Bigfoot, "Oh my god, they are real!!" Brian kept shouting. I told them they where full of shit and probably saw a bear. Brian then said to me "Wayne do you honestly think we would go get Tony's uncle to sit in a tree all night over a bear?" Still, I was hesitant to believe it. Until I saw what took place next. The two boys got right to business, I mean, they showed up on the bike shook up and told us about it and instantly split right over to Tony's Uncle.

They all showed up about 20 minutes later, or as instantly as they could get from one place to the next.

That day I did not go over to the place where they had seen it, but, when they came back, after having gone there with their uncle, they told me they found a Hornet hive broken into and a stick was found with teeth marks on it. Brian told me he believed the Bigfoot used the stick to dig something out of the hornet hive that he ate off the end of this stick. They found foot prints and we all came to the conclusion that they (Bigfoot) had to come down to get water due to the drought.

If you look at records for the year, Ill bet there was quite the drought in 94. I just remember it being a very hot summer and I remember that summer a pond in sunny valley was almost dry. This pond had never dried up before so I would say this year was a hot one..

I also know to this day both kids stick to the story that they know what they saw was not a bear. I myself know for a fact that whatever they saw was NOT a person in a suite, just because of the place and time.. I also feel like these two believed what they where telling me, even if I my self did not..

This would have been at the beginning of El Nino? Not sure on spelling, anyway, the cycle is going again soon so perhaps we can use this to our advantage. I will say this.. I believe the boys saw a Bigfoot and I believe they where correct on their reason for it having to come down so low. I think we can almost predict when they will have to come again.

That being said, perhaps we should set up a venture.. I live in Maui now and I just started www.honuheroes.org but I would be willing to set up a hunt for Bigfoot on a good drought year. I do not mean a hunt to kill one, A video or just seeing one myself, is good enough proof for me. I am not out to prove anything to the world.. Just my self..


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