Sheriff deputy and companion standoff three+ creatures file# 04398


Date:August , 1982
Crook county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
30 Miles N. On A Logging Trail
pre dawn dark hours
I don't know the road names as we were camping 30 miles N. of Prineville, Oregon up in the Ochoco mountain range. We were on an old logging trail next to a natural spring. The area was new to me.


Description of event: A friend and I went camping on an old logging trail 30 miles N. of Prineville, Oregon. We drove up a very steep trail used by logging trucks and finally camped next to a beautiful natural spring. My friend was a bow hunter and had camped in that spot many times before. We pitched our tent, made a campfire and retired into the tent around 10:00 PM as we had a long day.

At around 2:00 AM we were startled awake by ear-piercing sounds that seemed to surround our tent. We literally had to scream at each other to be heard. My friend thought perhaps there might be "bikers" playing a prank on us but neither he or I had ever heard that incredible high-pitched screaming before. He told me to get in the jeep and turn on the headlights as the campfire was almost out by that time and it was pitch black under the trees.

As soon as I turned on the head lights, directly in front of the road (about fifteen feet from us) stood three big foot creatures. They were just standing there and seemed to be communicating in some fashion, as one would scream and the others would respond. There was also screaming coming from behind us but we did not see the creatures or know how many were there because there was no light other than the head lights.

There was also the most hideous odor emanating from the creatures. It was simply a foul stench. My friend is 6'7" and weighs about 240 lbs. The creatures made him look like a midget. He screamed at me to drive the jeep down the logging trail but there was absolutely NO WAY I could drive on that road in the dark, as there were some really sheer drop-offs.

I jumped out of the jeep and he and I stood back to back against a tree with our guns cocked and knees shaking and waited to see what the creatures would do. We heard more screaming behind us but I have no idea how many more there were as we could only see the ones in the lights. We watched the three and after about ten minutes they started walking backwards up the hill, never taking their eyes off us and finally were out of our line of sight.They continued their ear-piercing screaming until they were well over the mountain ridge.

We remained in our back to back position until first light, packed up and scrambled down the mountain. Our theory was that we were camped on top of their favorite watering hole, thus their intense displeasure with us. We stopped at the ranger station and walked in and told our story to the ranger behind the desk. He simply stated that he knew they were up on that mountain and asked us what we wanted him to do about it? Well, that took the wind out of or very frazzled sails and we went home.

I have only told a handful of people about the incident and instantly became the object of ridicule and jokes. My background is that I am now a 50-something year old female retired deputy from Multnomah County. My friend was an engineer working for Tektronix at the time. Neither of us has any drug or alcohol issues and are certifiably "sane". I am writing this now, as I am so deeply disappointed in the latest hoax from Georgia. I was so hoping to finally prove to my family that they really DO exist. (sigh) Oh well, maybe next time. Keep searching as they are out there.

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