Man recalls campfire story file# 04400


Date:October , 1980's early
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
late afternoon
Going east on highway 58 past Oakridge, continue until right before you start up the pass. Just before the hill you will pass under the railroad bridge. The next road to the right is road 5884. Follow this road until you get to rd 411 which is the last rd to the left.


Description of event: My father and I have hunted this area since 1981. One hunting season, around 1989, a man was camped out on the landing next to our camp and came over to shoot the breeze with us around the campfire. We talked about hunting and such. He began to tell us how he'd hunted up there since the early 70's and had a strange happening one year in the early 80's.

The man said he was hunting elk and had gone to Vivian lake and made a circle back toward our location. The snow was "bout knee deep". He said when he reached Lopez lake he started up the hill into the tree's. About half way up the hill he crossed a set of track's, the tracks were pretty recent as the snow was still falling lightly. looking like a mans barefoot track he started thinking that a hunter had gotten lost and possibly was delirious. He started hoofing it up the hill after the guy. He said he thought it was kinda strange that this lost guy had quite a stride going up the hill but he was more concerned for the poor guy. He just about reached the top of the hill when he came to a fallen log. Whoever or whatever had stepped over the log without knocking the snow off the top. He immediately got spooked, hair stood up on the back of his neck, said no lost hunter running around with no shoes jumped over this log!

He exited stage right, got back to his rig and and headed out. That story has stuck with me since then and I'd thought I'd pass it along.

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