Scream/smell scares family file# 04404


Date:May , 1969
Umatilla county, OR
Nearest town:
Milton Freewater
Nearest road:

clear-beautiful day
mid morning
Tiger Canyon,up the saddle back road, on the Washington/Oregon border-in the Blue Mountains of Walla Walla Washington/Miltonfreewater Ore. The mountain roads have all been upgraded since then. many of the logging roads have been washed out and over grown that I traveled on


Description of event: Our family spent almost every weekend up at Uncle Earl Fraszer. His cabin was located off to the left of the main road once on top of the Blues. I grew up in the blues.

The first time our family had an close encounter, we were up looking for mushrooms on a logging road. Dad stopped and walked up the road to see if we could get over this hill and what the road condition was up ahead (we did this a lot, so no big deal). Dad walked up the road, us four kids got out of the car and were playing on a log. Mom was reading a True Detective magazine, like she always did,and was sitting in the front seat of the car,a 1956 b
Buick.Us kids were; me-12, sis-8, sis-6, bro-5, dad-60, mom-30.

Dad was gone for about 20 minutes when we heard a scream or yell (?) in the distances. It got all of our attentions! Then like in slow motion the smell came! My dad drug me out on countless bear/deer/cougar/elk hunting trips, my weapon was always a stick when I went "into" the thicket after bear where my dad would hang out by a tree and wait to shoot whatever I scared by beating the heck out of the brush! That isnt a joke. I had heard almost every animal there is in those Blues by 12, the volume of the sound is what still lingers in my head and the smell.

Now we never minded mom. After the scream,and the smell which almost puts you in a trance, everyone of us was frozen looking at each other. Mom yelled, "Get in the car." I can not remember opening the doors. They might have been open or we went by window. Us kids had never loaded up that fast and in the back seat I can remember all of us just peeking over the front seat, looking for dad. No one said a word. Then here comes dad, with a big stick in his hand and so much fear in his eyes and at a fast pace over the hill. My Dad never feared anything. As he neared the car he threw away the stick got in started the car, put it in reverse and backed down off the logging road to the main road.

The car was so silent, for the first time. We must have gone 5 miles when finally, Dad broke the silence and he said, "I thought I had seen everything in these mountains." We didn't hear the descriptions of big foot back then, our uncle said he feared the old man of the mountain and we thought he just meant another miner up the road. Now we know what he meant but Dad never would talk.Us kids, still today, are crazy about it.

Dad's been gone now since 88. My brother and I, through the years, have had other encounters. Billy, my brother, is full of cancer now. We were headed back out to the Blues because we were not leaving until we had him. We know where to go and what to look for, OK, he shows up where we are. Don't ask me how, but he does. More in next report.

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