Large upright creature sighted file# 04405


Date:August 22, 2008
Tillimook county, OR
Nearest town:
Gales Creek
Nearest road:
Story Burn Logging Road
late afternoon
Was filming logging past logging activity when I noticed movement on cleared (logged) treeline clearing almost 1/2 mile away.


Description of event: Had a 400 mm lens on a Video and Still Tripod Mounted camera.

Tried to duplicate moving spot with high powered binnoculars and object disappeared. I shot 3 frames of stills at 300 and 400 mm telephoto lense and ran 12X lense on Video. The included frame 1 and frame 2 picture collage shows something walking upright, brownish colored, stepping in front of white trees and large branches, but also behind other white tree trunks. Object was travelling on a trail above the logging road, at edge or tree line and was going northbound. Object was in direct sunlight, was not a stump as those all are bright white as clearly shown on the photo. Only when I was able to get back to my lab and closely look at every frame, did I really wonder what we were seeing.

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Investigation by: Felicia Bryant

Felicia Bryant Investigator

Medford, OR

I am a full-time web production designer/developer, and have been interested in bigfoot ever since I was a child. I grew up in rural Coos County, and have always wanted to contribute to the search for bigfoot.