Hikers hear a strange vocalization near an abandoned mine

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Date:August 31, 2008
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
10 mi. from Timothy Lake off of Hwy. 224
Hwy. 224 past Estacada, Lazy Bend Campground, and two campgrounds. The Nisbet Mine is located at 48'06'22" N, 120'02'21" W, according to the DEQ.


Description of event: A friend and I were returning to our car from visiting the now-closed-off Nisbet Mine when we heard a gunshot not more than 30 yards up the hill from the logging road on which we were traveling, followed by no noise or voices at all. Frightened for our safety we left the road and headed towards the aquaduct that parallels the road to complete the rest of the half-mile or so hike back to the car. Five minutes later, we heard what could only be described as a very "primal" yell or call that, in both my and my partner's opinion, could not have come from a human. Similar to "Yeeeooow", drawn out at the beginning and ending very abruptly. We then quickened our pace until we returned to car. Nothing else was seen or heard.

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