Campers hear loud vocalizations in Umatilla National Forest file# 04418


Date:September 01, 2008
Wheeler county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
pre dawn dark hours
Forest Service road 21 in the Umatilla Nat. Forest, west of hwy.207 about 8-miles toward Whetmore, south on road 2141 approx 1/2-mile. Camped by a spring creek. There is a large corral nearby.


Description of event: I woke up about 4:00 to answer "natures call" and heard 4 very lowd howls in tight succession, each lasting about 3-4 seconds, coming from the east side of our camp. It was immediately answered by a pack of coyotes on the west side of camp. The difference in pitch and timber between the first howls and the coyotes was very significant. After that all went quiet.

I returned to my sleeping bag and was woken up at 5:00 by my brother-in-law. I asked if he heard the howls and he said he thought the first ones might have been a very large coyote of possibly a wolf (we were in Eastern Oregon). Later I asked my sister if she heard them and she had. She said the first howls sounded like nothing she'd ever heard. I brought up bigfoot and she said that was what entered her mind when she heard them.

Yesterday (9/3/08) I went to the BFRO website and listened to their recordings. The whoop-howls from Puyallup and Snohomish sounded pretty similar to the first howls I heard. Later in the day after the howls, I was hunting and got turned around. I radioed my brother-in-law and he said stay put and he'd find me. I was sitting on some rim-rock looking at some re-prod down below me and heard what sounded like someone walking with heavy footfalls, snapping branches, and sounded like something bipedal. Whatever it was stopped and let out a loud grunt/growl, startling a deer that was bedded down and it took off very quickly. I never saw what made the noise, I thought it might be a bear. After thinking about it, I thought I should include this event as well.

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