Mother hears screams and sisters see 9ft tall creature cross road file# 04511


Date:July 27, 2002
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Baldwin Creek
early morning
location confidential per witness....


Description of event: I didnt hear this, but my mother did. My mother, sister and I had taken a trip to Oregon to see my dad in the summer of 2002. He lives in Parkdale, Hood River Oregon and there is a lot of forested areas around his place. The three of us were in the camper one night very tired from driving. My mother was, for some reason awake and laying in the bed. About 3 in the morning my dads peacocks and ducks and guinea hens started freaking out and making loud noises. My mom wondered why they were doing this. She figured there was a fox or something in the hen house. But then everything became quite. And in the not to far distance she heard this yelling and screaming. She laid in the bed listening for a few minutes and every animal she knew went threw her head. She used to work in a zoo so she knows quite about about animals. Every animal that went threw her head had no sound like that. The screaming went on for a little bit and then sounded futher and futher off. She finally fell asleep and told me about it when I woke up that morning. I had chills going down my back because a few years before that night I used to come to my dads every summer. One night I was in a dead sleep and my dad's dog started growling and barking. He slept in a kennel right next to me. And after my mom told me about that night I thought of the dog barking. What if bigfoot was looking at me threw the window!

Just nights before my mother heard this, we had been driving up into Oregon. I was driving and my younger sister was in the passenger seat. Both of us saw a huge black figure walk across the road just at the end of our headlights. When we passed it I looked at my sister just to make sure she saw it too. Moments later my mother made me stop and get out so she could drive. I was of corse afraid to do this for the 9 foot man that just walked across the road.

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