two men hear a "woot" sound while hunting file# 04521


Date:October 16, 2008
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Fin Rock
Nearest road:
Quarts Creek
If you look for Plane Crash RD. up near the top of Quarts Creek on the Mackenzie, thats where I was.


Description of event: I went (deer) hunting for the first time in my life this year. My girlfriends dad works for Roseboro and got permits to be on there property for deer season. Him and I left before sun up and got up the mountain ( Quarts Creek/ Fin Rock area) before day brake. We pulled out on a landing and shut off the truck, got out and I walked about 40 yards away from where Richard was standing. We stood there quietly for about three or four minutes when from behind us a wwooot noise came out of the woods. It went from a low tone to a high tone and only lasted about two seconds. I turned to Richard and said softly " What the f#ck was that?!?!" in a wisper he said " I don't know what that was! " We stood there and waited.... about fifteen seconds later we heard the same sound come from the same area but it lasted for about five seconds this time and was way way way louder. This time I looked at him and said that made the hair on my whole body stand up! He said I know. We didn't hear anything after that so we got in the truck and went on up the hill.

The reason I'm writting you is I kept seeing Fir trees with the tops bent over, a lot of them. All different sizes, all different heights. Some were only a couple of feet tall some were 8' some were 9'to 10' off the ground but all were the same MO. Bent over not broken over or off, all the trees were still alive and growing green. They weren't only on the sides of the road either they were in the forested ares and in the clear cuts as well.It made me wonder... what does that?

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