Hunters almost shoot what they originally thought was a bear file# 04533


Date:November , 2008
Grays Harbor county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Sand Creek Rd
cold and soggy
late afternoon
Lake and long grass, herd of elk nearby, flat land.


Description of event: Me and my friend were elk hunting with my boyfriend and her boyfriend and it was our first time too. We were around a pond and there were trees a little bit away from us and we saw a herd of elk. I was about to shoot my gun and we smelled a nasty smell and it had a rotten, garlic, fish smell to it. We hadn't seen it yet so my friend's boyfriend said oh my God what is that smell?

We looked for about 5 minutes and then we saw a black brown dark figure and it was not on its hind legs. Drew, my boyfriend, said it was just a bear so we began to get our guns up and aim and out of the corner of my eye I saw this animal get up onto it's hind legs and run back into the forest. I started to cry because I was frightened. We said let's go back to the house. We were walking and we kept smelling it behind us and heard noises of movement behind us. We thought it was following us and we still think it was. We were not sure that it was Bigfoot or just a bear but I remember it stank really bad.

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